About Us

Located in the heart of the Hills District; Bel's Hair & Skin Therapy owned by Amanda and Sabrina who maintain years of industry experience. Amanda and Sabrina took ownership of Bel's Hair & Skin Therapy in 2014 expanding the salon in skin and beauty which creates a distinct advantage providing clients with the ultimate one-stop shop of all your hair, skin and beauty needs. 

Amanda and Sabrina are specialist in a variety of aspects in hair and beauty for all occasions offering clients with expert advice to ensure they look and feel their very best. Constantly striving for perfection, Bel's Hair & Skin Therapy are committed, passionate and highly trained providing a one-on-one service with your hair stylist or beauty therapist from start to finish.


Whether you are looking for the latest trends in hair fashion seeking professional hair care advice, in need of a simple trim or you desire to relax, rejuvenate and just be pampered. Bel's Hair & Skin Therapy will take the time to understand your needs and deliver the perfect outcome time and time again.

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